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The Nativity Factor 2014

#Nativity - Winner

We saw two incredible films come out of the Nativity Factor Weekend Film Project, but it was the Green Team's #Nativity that managed to achieve the most views. Team members created three real Twitter accounts for modern angels Gabrielle, Malachy and Raff, where they promoted the true meaning of Christmas and of course their short film. Congratulations to the Green Team, Nativity Factor winners for 2014!

The Audition - Runner up 

The Audition told the story of Angel Gabriel in a new and unique way, through the eyes of Gabrielle, an angel who has yet to earn her wings. Watch as Gabrielle discovers the miracle behind Jesus' birth in a funny and engaging short film.


Red Team

·         Carolyn Goodyear – Screenwriter/Actress

·         Tom Hall – Assistant Producer

·         Ben Curd – Assistant Director

·         Natalie Peteranna – Camera Operator

·         Rebecca Henderson – Make-Up Artist/Stylist

Green Team

·         Rev. Sally Binymin – Screenwriter

·         Casey Andrews – Actress

·         Carl Mason – Assistant Producer

·         Jenny Jardine – Assistant Director

·         Andy Toovey – Camera Operator

·         Sean Ramsden – Production Assistant

The Nativity Factor is a short film competition from ITN Productions and Jerusalem Productions, which asks entrants to tell the story of the Nativity in a new and creative way.

In an effort to reach a wider audience and bring The Nativity Factor community closer together during the Christmas season, we have added a new, exciting change to the competition for 2014. We’d like to introduce The Nativity Factor Weekend Film Project!

Instead of submitting individual short films, contestants submitted themselves to enter the competition.

The winners joined professionals in the filmmaking field for a weekend in London, where they received the mentoring experience of a lifetime.