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Welcome to The Nativity Factor!

We'd like to present the winners of The Nativity Factor 2013.

It seems like every year the bar gets even higher for participants in The Nativity Factor, and this year was certainly no exception. 2013 marked the third year for the competition, a joint venture between Jerusalem and ITN Productions. We would like to send a big thank you to our very talented contestants and devoted voters for providing us with another fantastic year. Here are your winners:



  1. Joseph- Spoken Truth
  2. Donkey- Ollie Wiggins
  3. Incarnational Homespun Blues- Reverand Paul McKeown


  1. The Jeremy Kyle Nativity- Swan Bank Gateway
    The Baby Shower- Oscar Huglin and Gopi Selvaseelan
  2. The Sheep's Nativity- Francesca and Safia Hall
  3. Star Wars 'The Nativity'- Isaac Ford
    Star Following Live- Sean Ramsden
    Nativity Rap Battle- Jemima and Hugo Bush


  1. The Dancivity- Luna Miller, Lucy Kanish, May Collins
  2. Modernativity- Isaac Ray
  3. Through the Time Porthole- Dobbedmonte Productions
    Let's Have a Baby- Malili Rex


  1. What's The Nativity?- Roshna Roy
  2. Cryptic Christmas Vine- Rachel Shannon
  3. Follow That Star- Julie Ramsden

Honourable Mentions

  • Best Animation: The Founding- Taffy Davies
  • Cutest Concept: First Comic Christmas- Wilthorpe Primary Radio/Video Group
  • Funniest Mary and Joseph: Bethlehem Bureaucrat- TrueTube
  • Most Heartwarming Message: A Mummy Trick- Dave Williams
  • Most Unexpected Nativity: The CATivity- Richard Fearn
  • Most Thought Provoking: Boy in a Billion- Lucy Lincoln